The Upper Room


The Upper Room – Residence for the Vianney Seminarians
of the Diocese of Chingleput

The "Upper Room" which played a vital role in the life of Jesus and his disciples is a very significant and apt title given to the home of the seminarians on the top of the hill shrine. It is in the upper room that Jesus taught his disciples to serve one another with love and humility. It is in the same upper room that Jesus gave us the sacrament of the holy Eucharist. It is in the upper room that Mother Mary and the disciples prayed and waited for the descent of the Holy Spirit. In the same way the seminarians before adorning themselves with the cassock of the sacrifice of love learn to serve people with love and humility clothing them selves with the power of the Holy Spirit.

This seminary is situated in the hill shrine of St. Thomas, one of the disciples of Jesus who was present in the upper room with the second person of the trinity and was waiting to be filled with the third person of the trinity. St. Thomas who shed his holy blood on this hill, becoming a Martyr, who proclaimed "My Lord and My God." It is on this hill shrine that the upper room is situated with the seminarians waiting to follow the footsteps of Jesus clothed with his love and filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

The total numbers of seminarians for the year 2012 – 2013, residing in the upper room are 13. They are guided by two fathers appointed by the Bishop. The have wholesome development in terms of Spiritual, Intellcetual, Emotional, Social and Physical growth. They are sent to do their further studies which will enable them to serve people and their fellow members in today's needy society. They are taught to bound in prayer and fellowship.



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